Enhancement Detail

An enhancement detail is perfect for those looking to transform their vehicle on a budget. It’s most often used to prepare vehicles for sale as it gives the opportunity for a deep cleanse whilst also dramatically improving the vehicles appearance.

Following a deep cleanse and decontamination throughout from the engine bay to the wheel arches and interior to exterior the paintwork then receives a light machine polish which is not designed for Paint Correction purposes but to remove light defects that, normally wouldn’t be removed by hand polishing. Using an all in one polish this process will remove some light wash marring and swirls but also using waxes and oils will conceal a lot of defects allowing for a big improvement in the vehicles overall appearance and gloss. Once lightly machined the paintwork then has a wax applied for protection.

All areas of the vehicle receive some attention in this detail without spending hours meticulously cleaning and protecting. The engine bay is dressed, rubbers and trims also dressed for the improvement of their appearance along with many other tasks undertaken to generally improve The vehicles overall appearance for you to enjoy.

This is by no means a Paint Correction detail, it is not suitable for the application of ceramic coatings and regardless of vehicle size and condition is completed in two days so results may vary subject to condition and size.

Detail Breakdown

  • Pre Rinse & Snow foam.

  • Arches Deep Cleaned and Degreased

  • Engine Bay Degreased and Cleaned

  • Wheels Deep Cleansed & Iron Fall out removed.

  • Exterior Wash With 2 Bucket Method Using Wool Wash Mitt .

  • Exterior Shuts & Sills Cleaned & Degreased

  • Exterior safely dried using soft plush towels

  • Paintwork Machine Polished Using Gloss enhancing polishes and waxes to remove and conceal defects, add gloss boosting oils and waxes and dramatically improve appearance.

  • Wax applied to paintwork for short term protection

  • PTFE Wheel sealant applied for short term protection.

  • Engine Bay, Rubbers, Plastics and Trims dressed.

  • Interior Deep Cleaned, Hoovered and light stains and dirt removed. Leather seats cleaned and light dirt removed.

  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned.

Two Days - No additional Services Available - £500