Protection Detail

Any surface be it paint, wheels, glass, rubber, plastic or leather can be protected from everyday use.  The benefit of a protection detail is the months of durability-received protecting your vehicle from salt, grit and road grime on the outside to liquids, food and dirt on the inside.

Protection is the most important part of any detail and without any protection your car is vulnerable to the great British weather and whatever else is thrown at It. Adding any means of protection to the car will assist in prevention of paint dulling, scratching, swirling and marring and also enhance the appearance of any surface.

Protection details not only add a layer of protection but they can also enhance the appearance of any surface dependent on the product selected. There are two main options for paintwork, Natural Wax or Ceramic Sealants.  A natural wax offers high levels of gloss, adding luster and depth to the paintwork and most importantly can protect the paintwork for up to six months at a time.  The alternative more preferred option is Ceramic coating, Please read my blog post about nano and ceramic coatings.

My protection detail offers a deep cleanse and decontamination and often this i the part that people are most bothered by, removing years of built up dirt and grime from all areas of the car be it the exterior, interior or engine bay, it all gets some attention.

Take a look at the detail breakdown below and if it suits your requirements or even if its what your after and you have some questions get in touch and ill be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Detail Breakdown

  • Pre Rinse and Snow Foam.

  • Arches Washed & Cleaned.

  • Wheels Deep Cleansed & Iron Fall out,Tar and Road Grime Removed.

  • Wash using Two Bucket Method using a wool wash mitt.

  • Tar, Iron Fall out and Road Contamination Removed from Paintwork

  • Paintwork Clay Barred to remove bonded contaminants such as sap and industrial fallout.

  • Exterior, Shuts & Sills Dried.

  • Interior Wipe down & Hoovered.

  • Glass Cleaned and Polished.

  • Tyres & Trim Dressing applied.

  • Exhaust & Chrome Polish.

  • Paintwork Deep Cleaned Using a Specialist Paint Cleanser by hand.

  • Wax Applied.

  • Wheels Polished & Sealed.

  • Plastics & Rubbers Dressed.

  • Engine Bay Cleaned & Finished with Non-Silicone Dressing.


Minimum Time Taken : 1 Day