Major Paint Correction Detail

Striving for every little detail to be as perfect as it can this level of detail is highly time consuming and involves seven to ten days of meticulous cleaning, detailing, polishing and refining to ensure the car is completed to the absolute highest finish leaving it looking better than new. Often a very bespoke level of detail no stone is left un-turned and every little detail would be attended to.

This level of detail is highly time consuming however the results are unbeatable. An single stage paint correction detail will correct some if not most of the swirls but will often leave behind deep scratches or heavier imperfections. The difference between this and a single stage paint correction is that where possible every scratch, every defect and swirl will be removed via multiple processes, stages and techniques to ensure the ultimate finish. This process will remove 99% of imperfections to the safest level possible using a machine polisher without the need for re-spray.

This highly time consuming process takes skill, experience and a wealth of knowledge to ensure its performed safely and achieve the finest results. With bodywork you truly do get what you pay for and Paint correction is not to be taken lightly. 

Detail Breakdown

  • Pre Rinse and Snow Foam.

  • Engine Bay Cleaned and Degreased.

  • Arches Steamed and Deep Cleaned.

  • Door Shuts Degreased.

  • Tar and Iron fallout removed from all exterior surfaces.

  • Paintwork Clay Barred to remove bonded contaminants such as sap and industrial fallout

  • Exterior Safely dried

  • Vehicle Elevated and Wheels removed

  • Paintwork inspected under lighting and paint measurements taken.

  • First stage of paintwork correction completed to remove overspray, heavy swirling, oxidation, etching and scratches. (This stage may need to be repeated more than once for severely damaged paintwork)

  • Second stage of polishing completed refining the appearance of the paint, removing holograms, buffer trails and light swirling.

  • Final examination completed, paint wiped down and deep cleansed for protection.

  • Gyeon Quartz Ceramic coating applied to paintwork. (Durability options below)

  • Gyeon Quartz Ceramic coating applied to Glass to aid water sheeting and beading in bad weather conditions.

  • Gyeon Quartz coating applied to all rubbers, engine bay covers and plastics to prevent staining and discolouration.

  • Gyeon Quartz Ceramic coating applied to wheels to prevent brake dust build up, tar spots and aid easy maintenance.Tyres and Rubber trims treated and dressed.

  • Engine bay dressed with plastic and rubber dressing.

  • Exhausts/Chrome polished.

  • Interior hoovered and cleaned, plastics and leather wiped down.

  • Leather deep cleaned.

  • Seats/Carpet Shampooed if required to remove staining and soiling.

  • Plastic enhancer and protector applied to all interior surfaces to protect and prolong lifetime.

  • Interior Quartz Protection applied to leather and alcantara surfaces - Min of Two Year Protection Package required.


Small/Medium Vehicle (Hatch, Coupe or Convertible)
Standard Ceramic Coating Package - £900 - (2 Years)
Advanced Ceramic Coating Package - £1100 - (3 to 4 Years) - (GYEON CERTIFIED DETAILERS ONLY)

Large - (Saloon, Estate or SUV)
Standard Ceramic Coating Package - £1250 - (2 Years)
Advanced Ceramic Coating Package - £1350 - (3 to 4 Years) - (GYEON CERTIFIED DETAILERS ONLY)

Interior Protection Package
An interior protection package in addition to the basic interior service, this provides additional long term protection. The following products are applied to interior surfaces. - £125
Leather Protection - Gyeon Leather Shield
Fabric Protection - Gyeon Fabric Coat
Interior Glass Anti Fog


Alloy Wheel Refurbishment - From £60 Per Wheel (Subject to Wheel Size and Style)

Paint Protection Film - From £1200 + Vat (Please contact for accurate quotation)
XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film, Standard and Full Kits Available. 10 Year Guarantee, Self Healing Film installed to protect your car from stone chips, scratches and light damage.

Wheel Hub Refurbishment - £100 + 1 Day
Wheel hubs cleaned, Degreased and Repainted to remove unsightly rust and wear.

When contacting please ensure you provide accurate information regarding the make, model and colour of your vehicle to allow for accurate quotation. Please note, due to timescales involved as part of our booking process small non refundable deposits are required to secure your booking slot.