Interior Detail

The interior is just as important as the exterior.  Spending all your time sitting behind the wheel its important that the inside looks just as good as the outside.  My interior detail compromises of around 2 to 4 hours work, deep cleaning carpets, seats, plastics and all surfaces.

It’s amazing how dirt clings to materials and quite often we don’t realize how much dirt has built up in the leather, cloth or carpets.  Deep buried dirt is extracted using a multitude of processes, steam, shampoo, chemicals and a variety of products to return the inside of your vehicle to its former glory.

Detail Breakdown

  • Interior hoovered to remove loose dirt and materials.

  • Bins, door cards and other storage areas emptied of all rubbish and waste.

  • APC Degreaser applied to all surfaces, various brushes and cloths used to deep clean all areas.

  • Interior scrubbed, wiped down and dirt extracted.

  • Carpets and cloth seats shampooed and steam cleaned.

  • Leather deep cleaned and restored.

  • Interior hoovered again to remove any remaining dirt.

  • All plastic and rubber surfaces treated to enhance a satin finish.

  • Leather or cloth seats protected.

Small - £75  (Small Hatch)
Medium - £100 (Saloon or Coupe)
Large - £100 (5 Door Family Hatch and 4x4)     

Minimum Time Taken : Upto 4 Hours